Beginner: first-time and newer knitters welcome!  Knitting, purling, and very minimal shaping skills will be taught.  

Advanced Beginner: expect to see patterns that use easy, repetitive stitch patterns, knitting in the round, basic colorwork, basic shaping, and simple finishing techniques.  

Intermediate: expect more involved patterning and colorwork,  basic cables, lace, stranded and intarsia knitting, as well as more advanced shaping and more involved finishing requirements.  

Advanced: expect larger, skill-heavy projects, including short rows, more intricate designs, more combinations of stitch patterns and more color changes.  Finishing requirements will vary from project to project.


Registration for classes is required to save a space in the class. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card. We accept Discover, Master Card and Visa. Phone registration with a credit card is accepted. There is no refund of registration fees unless class is cancelled by the instructor or shop. There is a minimum of three (3) people for a class to run or at the discretion of the instructor. The maximum is determined by the instructor teaching the project. Please register early to be guaranteed a space.

Class fees do NOT include materials.  Fees are $10. per hour of class time---for ex. a 2 hour class is $20 plus materials.

You will receive 10% off your yarn selection for classes. 

Please have all your class supplies ahead of time, including yarn that needs to be wound!  Your basic supplies for any class include: gauge check, scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle, crochet hook, stitch markers, pencil, and paper.  

Some classes will have homework before the first class meeting.  Be sure to check the class descriptions or give us a call.  Homework allows the class to spend more time on the "learning" parts of the project!       



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